Valve Size: 1 13/16”~7 1/16”.
Valve Pressure: 2000PSI~20000PSI.
Temp Range: K,L,N,P,S,T,U,V,X,Y.
Material Class: AA,BB,CC,DD,EE,FF,HH. 0.5, NL.
Valve Class: PSL1~PSL3G.
Valve Performance Class: PR1, PR2.

The Series is a split gate, non rising stem, full bore, through conduit gate valve designed to work in variety of environments. Split gate valves (WKM manual gate valves) are in full compliance with API 6A & ISO 10423, and are available in flanged end connections from 2-1/16" bore to 4-1/16" bore, and in threaded end connections from 2-1/16" to 4-1/16", pressure ratings 3000 and 5000 psi.

  1. The split gate creates a positive mechanical bi-directional seal across the seats which does not depend on line pressure on either the upstream or downstream side. At the end of closing stroke the gate contacts the bottom of the valve. With continued rotation of the stem by tightening the hand-wheel, the gate segments expand against the seats creating a positive bi- directional seal.
  2. The seats are fixed into the body to prevent high pressure seat float and have a seat insert for positive sealing. Metal to metal seating is available upon request.
  3. Metal-to-metal sealing between body and bonnet interface, and seat/ body interface are stable and environmentally resistant.
  4. The stem packing is re-energizable with the valve in line and under pressure using the injectable packing fitting. The valve is also equipped with two body fittings for easy draining and lubrication.

This split gate valve (WKM manual gate valves) has a preferred flow direction to assure low torque operation which is marked on the outside of the valve. Valve operating temperatures to 650 degres F are available.