PangTong Wellhead USA Inc. (“PTWUSA”), is a leading provider of oil and gas related products including but not limited to wellhead equipment to the petroleum industry, and the only distributor of WHD (Dongbao) Gate Valves. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, with a North America sales office and warehouse located in Houston, Texas, we are focused on satisfying our clients by punctually delivering competitively priced, high quality products.

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PTWUSA has opened a new location in Canada! Please head over to Contact Us to see the location, or call 1-780-660-6919 for more information.

Guarantee and Disclaimer of Warranties

Guarantee and Disclaimer of Warranties – Pangtong Wellhead USA Inc. (PTWUSA), hereby warrants that all products manufactured by PTWUSA are free of defects of material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date shipped, providing that such products are used in the service and within the pressure ranges for which they have been manufactured. EXCEPT FOR THE FOREGOING EXPRESS WARRANTY, PTWUSA DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, GOOD AND WORKMANLIKE PERFORMANCE, SUITABILITY, AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. PTWUSA’S SOLE OBLIGATION, AND THE EXCLUSIVE REMEDY OF THE PURCHASER, UNDER THE EXPRESS WARRANTY CREATED HEREBY IS LIMITED TO, AT PTWUSA’S SOLE OPTION, (I) REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OF ANY DEFECTIVE PRODUCT OR (II) REDUCTION OF A REASONABLE PORTION OF THE DEFECTIVE PRODUCT’S PURCHASE PRICE. THE STATED WARRANTY AND REMEDY PROVIDED HEREIN ARE IN LIEU OF ANY POSSIBLE LIABILITY AND DAMAGES AGAINST PTWUSA AND FROM WHICH PURCHASER HEREBY RELEASES PTWUSA, AND IN NO EVENT SHALL PTWUSA BE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL, INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES RESULTING FROM A BREACH OF THIS WARRANTY OR ANY OTHER PROVISION OF THESE TERMS & CONDITIONS OF SALE OR OTHERWISE ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH THE PRODUCTS OR THEIR SALE, DELIVERY, DISTRIBUTION, INSTALLATION, MAINTENANCE, OPERATION, SERVICE, PERFORMANCE OR USE, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY LOST HYDROCARBONS, PRODUCTION OR RESERVES, OR DAMAGE TO ANY ASSOCIATED WELL BORE OR FORMATION, LOST REVENUES, LOST PROFITS, DAMAGE TO ASSOCIATED EQUIPMENT OR TO FACILITIES, RIG OR FACILITIES DOWN TIME, COST OF FISHING OPERATIONS, COSTS OF TUBULARS, COSTS OF SUBSTITUTE EQUIPMENT, FACILITIES OR SERVICES, AND ANY SIMILAR OR DISSIMILAR LOSSES, COSTS OR DAMAGES. Any repair or replacement of defective PTWUSA products shall be performed at the original PTWUSA manufacturing location or such other location designated by PTWUSA in its sole discretion and Purchaser shall be solely responsible for all transportation costs and expenses incurred in the return of such products to and from the PTWUSA location. Any PTWUSA products or components repaired or replaced in strict accordance with this paragraph and only those products and components and no others (including goods provided by unrelated third parties which may be incorporated with PTWUSA products) will be warranted for an additional one (1) year period from the date the same are delivered. No agent or representative of PTWUSA is authorized to vary from or add to these written terms and conditions or to otherwise make any representation whatsoever to the Purchaser, which shall modify the same, including any affirmations of fact or promises that may create express warranties.